Expect Beta 3 is out

Expect Beta 3 as just been published. This new release include some bug fixes and cool new features.

As usual, the documentation is generated from the sample and is up to date. The sample is the best place to check how Expect work.

Adding images to reports
You do this by adding a special description prefix to the line, for example, if you type

#img images/myimage.jpg

The particularity is that you have to put the image in your VS project as an embedded resource. The goal is to keep the dll autonomous for report generation. You will also enjoy intellisense when adding images 😉

Adding variables to the report
For now, the only variables supported are the properties “AssemblyVersion” and “AssemblyFileVersion” from your spec assembly. The variables must be declared as Word document properties and added in your template as fields. A future post will cover report generation but you could get the sample if you want look at this.

Descriptions formatting
You now have a wiki-like syntax that you could use to format description text. You could also define custom blocs to apply a Word style to specific sections of your descriptions (like notes, comments, sample code, etc).

Intellisense on fixture base classes
Now intellisense work for fixture methods that you define on your base class (base container, fixture base class, etc). The base class must be part of the project and the methods decorated with the attribute “FixtureHint”.

Feel free to leave feedback on the mailing list or comment on this blog. We really need feedback to improve the tool…

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