Expect Beta 2

The main goal of Expect Framework is to write tests with a lot of emphasis on the functionnal aspects. One of the way to use it is wrapping UI testing framework like WatiN or White to have a set of specifications executed on your system.

The Beta 2 of Expect introduce few but important new features :
A WatiN extension
This extension is a separate dll that helps writing WatiN tests as executable specs (more on this on the next post)

The ability to define a custom base class for specification containers
This feature helps reducing infrastructure code that you want to share among all your specs. For example, it is used in the WatiN extension to old the logic of initializing and freeing WatiN for every specification.
Defining a base class is as easy as adding a small line in your configuration file :

<codegen unitTestProvider="MsTest" containerbaseclass="Expect.WatiN.WatiNSpecificationContainer" />

Intellisense for fixtures
This feature makes writing your specs a lot faster by providing intellisense for fixture methods defined in your containers, as well as fixture classes, and even ActorFixture methods.

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